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Mahi Mata Yoga Ayurveda



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Health and happiness are a tall order, but yoga has the extraordinary ability to give both. Its age alone attests to its potency– people have been practicing yoga for more than 5,000 years and its popularity is ever growing. Yoga for Health and Happiness gives you the strong foundation needed to unleash yoga’s true potential, whether you’re a complete beginner or an ongoing student.

Although yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, some of its most important elements have been all but forgotten in modern times. These components are key to reaping yoga’s maximum benefits. Yoga for Health and Happiness guides you through these ancient practices, including the core principles and philosophy that are almost never discussed in yoga classes.


In Yoga for Health and Happiness you’ll learn:

  • 40 of the most important yoga postures; including photos, benefits, step-by-step instructions, breathing cues, modifications, precautions, and sequencing
  • 3 sequences for beginners and ongoing students and the rules for safe sequencing
  • 6 breathing exercises to focus the mind and increase your innate vibrant energy
  • The ins and outs of meditation for a peaceful mind; from what it is to how to sit
  • Mudras to subtly enhance meditation
  • Ways to improve your physical and mental well-being with a yogic diet
  • Philosophy and background of yoga essential to ignite and inspire your practice
  • Comprehensive guidelines for a safe and beneficial practice that every student must know


Review from Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite:

“…Beginning with an understanding of the true purpose of yoga, Julie explains the origins and the traditional purposes which reach beyond today’s fitness classes and goes into the deeper meanings which affect mind and spirit. Yoga is more than the 40 postures and movements that Julie demonstrates and she covers those additional aspects as thoroughly. Learning to breathe properly and to focus the mind while moving through the poses, helps the reader become more in touch with their inner being and is also clearly demonstrated and discussed. There are very clear photos to help guide the reader as well. Through this guide, beginners or ongoing students will be able to fully understand and move forward toward both health and happiness. Having been introduced to Iyengar Yoga as a therapeutic treatment for a lower back injury, I have desired to continue in the other forms of Hatha as a calming and relaxing means of focusing my entire outlook. Julie Bernier has made it easy for me to move back into the practice with Yoga for Health and Happiness… Informative, practical and easy to use, Yoga for Health and Happiness has the potential to not only change your health, but also balance your mind and settle your spirit.”


4 of the exercises taught in Yoga for Health and Happiness are shown below.

Keep in mind that these exercises should always be learned in the presence of a yoga teacher.

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama- Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sheetali Pranayama – Cooling Breath

Kapalabhati Pranayama- Shining Skull Breath

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation

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